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1 year ago

I agree, simply “The Big Cypress” describes it best.

Ives Humphreys
Ives Humphreys
1 year ago

Hi Bob,

I’m a seasonal interpretation park guide at Big Cypress this Winter. Rita assigned us a challenge question that I hoped you could answer. What are you doing to restore sheet flow at Big Cypress? Keep up your good work on this blog, I appreciate it in my quest to learn about the importance of water here and share it with visitors.

Thank you,
Ives Humphreys

Go Hydrology
1 year ago

Thanks for commenting Ives! Still trying to figure out this new commenting system I recently installed. I seem to have successfully linked it to Facebook, but them my icon (under Robert V. Sobczak) disappeared. My hope is to get a little more of a conversation going, so I appreciated your feedback. Also trying to add some new features, i.e. “The Water Room” that will be a good spot to check out charts by watershed, instead of working chronologically down the blogroll.

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