Swamp of inches
High and low ground explained

Small variations in land elevation …

Translate into large variation in plant composition.

Can you see the high ground? Hint: It’s green.
Here’s a closer look at a pine island
Water is retreating into the lower-lying domes

A vertical range of just 2.5 feet differentiate the Preserve‚Äôs major vegetation communities.  More than the Everglades which is mostly buried under peat, differences in elevation, hydrology and plant communities in the Big Cypress are related to undulations in the underlying bedrock (Lodge, 2010).  The underlying bedrock is irregular, and both exposed at the surface and buried by as much as 10 feet of soil and organic matter.  Hammocks and pinelands are typically found where bedrock is at or near the surface.  Cypress strands form where bedrock undulations are deepest and marshy sloughs where bedrock undulations are shallower. 

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Scott Morris
Scott Morris
9 months ago

These short, informational emails relating to Everglades hydrology are very interesting and informative! As a new volunteer, I include the information and understanding with visitors whenever I can. Thanks!

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