Swamp of seasonal swings

Is this a wet dry season?

I’m almost afraid to say until spring is done!

This chart shows the recent pendulum swing between wet and dry seasons in the Big Cypress.  The blue line shows the actual water table, the white line shows the long-term average, and the gray band shows the 25-year historic range

And therein lies the conundrum in the Big Cypress:

What by most metrics was a “dry year” experienced a bump in the water table that caused the winter (by normal winter standards) to be “wet.”

Just the opposite can be said for the year before.

The year of Irma (Summer 2017) is our new flood of record in our history books.  Yet by the very next spring (Spring 2018) the swamp was bone dry, causing the Buzzard Wildfire to erupt.

Panorama within the footprint
of the Buzzard Wildfire,
One year later

My final verdict?

Whatever it is now, it’s likely to change.

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