Swamp of the eternal sun

As hard as it may seem to believe …

The swamp is a sunny place.

The swamp is sunny as much as it’s wet

Or usually so, even during the wet season.

Deluges to the tune of an inch or two or even more of rain can fall in a few afternoon hours, but up until that point the general rule is that the skies of the morning and much of the afternoon (and even after the deluges), are brilliantly bright:

Sky blue and puffy cloud white.

Even deep in the cypress where you’d expect nothing but shade or deeper still in the pond apple where, as cultural bias would have you believe is nothing but gloom, the solar rays find a way to shine through to the point that if it wasn’t for the fact that you’re wearing boots and socks that are soaking wet …

You’d quite literally have a skip in your step.

Even among the tall trees, it finds a way to shine through

That’s what made last week so surprising:

It was cloudy and rainy morning and afternoon for a couple days in a row.

As much as we needed the rain,

It was good to get the sun back for the weekend.

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