Swamp’s apples and oranges

How much deeper are the glades than the swamp?

It depends which part you mean.

The graph above shows pond apple water depth in Big Cypress Nat’l Preserve in comparison to slough depth in Everglades Nat’l Park (in Shark River Slough at P-33), Water Conservation Area (WCA) 2 and WCA3A.

WCA3A is deeper and WCA2 is shallower. Big Cypress and WCA2 tend to dry down completely (during the spring) whereas the sloughs of WCA3A and ENP hold water all year round. Shark River Slough tends to peak later in fall than the Big Cypress and, over an annual cycle, fluctuates half the height.

It’s a little bit like comparing apples and oranges because the deep-water pond apple holes make up only a minor portion of the swamp (under 10 percent) whereas slough is the predominant land feature in the Everglades.

That means you can more easily detour around the deep water of the swamp in comparison to the flooded-in-every-direction glades …

Not that either is easy to navigate.

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