Sweltering December?
And why some call it perfect weather

December is touching up …

At record highs in Florida.

High, low and average air temperatures in Naples and Gainesville, Florida

The reason? Well, it’s south Florida of course. It never gets cold. Or not wintery cold like it does up on the continent. But even by Florida standards, the start of this December has been incredibly warm. Just how balmy has it been? Answer: Warm enough to convince me that we’re still on the summer shoulder season, i.e. mid October or late April. The only salvation: The temperature in my pool and in the gulf is cooler thanks to the thermal stability of water and its ability to hold on to the November temperature plunge. The evenings and morning have been delightfully pleasant, combined after a run with a plunge in the pool. And just to be clear: I’m not complaining, but for someone who grew up in the Northeast, the weather isn’t jiving with what I would normally expect on this calendar date.

But you know what they say about the weather: It’s sort of a corollary on the greenness of the grass, but with a twist: If you don’t like it just stay put, it’s sure to change in 15 minutes (plus or minus a week).

P.S. Deep polar cold front, wherever you are, I’m very unprepared but will welcome you with open arms when you arrive.

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