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The method behind the madness

Over the years, people have liked the blog, and read my blog, but they’ve also had questions, too. Questions range the gambit. Sometimes they are about the blog itself. “Bob, how did you start Go Hydrology?” Other times it’s about finding the data: Bob, I love the charts, but how do I find the one, you know, that shows discharges down the Caloosahatchee?” Periodically I get peppered with inquiries on hydrograph literacy. “Bob, it would be cool if you described how to better understand each chart, especially the ones with all the colors.” Still other times, I’d be asked: “Bob, I love you posts, but do you ever go into deeper detail, and have you ever considered a podcast.”

With the above questions in mind, and other motivations of my own, I went to work on improving the Go Hydrology user experience. By user experience, I mean both you and me. Go Hydrology is as much about sharing with others as it is about keeping it fresh at my fingertips, too.

The missing link seemed to be organization. After a year of playing around, I seem to have finally hit pay dirt. I’ve kept the blog at the front and center of the Go Hydrology experience, while also retrofitting it with a powerful background database.

And thus the Table of Contents (TOC) below was born.

product blog
Water blog
FAQs: 1. What motivated you to write a water blog? | 2. How has the blog evolved over time? | 3. What’s the story with the water drop? | 4. Who is the author? | 5. How do I sign up for the newsletter?

Water Data

FAQs: 1. Why a user manual? | 2. What’s special about your charts? | 3. Where do I buy a swampulator? | 4. Are diagrams really data?

Water Seasons

FAQs: 1. Why cycles (and not seasons)? | 2. What is a hydrologic holiday? | 3. Why wet (and not rainy) season? | 4. Does it rain in the dry season? | 5. Winter in Florida, really? | 6. Isn’t spring drought an oxymoron? | 7. Does Florida’s summer ever end? | 8. When does fall begin?

Water Types

FAQs: 1. Is the water cycle practical? | 2. What’s your favorite watershed? | 3. Is the water table in the kitchen? | 4. Do you prefer eco-hydrology or hydro-ecology? | 5. Who controls the water? | 6. Is climate the new weather? | 7. What is cultural water? | 6. Are tidal waters always salty?

Deeper Dives

FAQs: 1. Why does a “talking guitar” host your podcast? | 2. What is a watersh-editorial? | 3. Have your movies won any Oscars? | 4. Do your photo galleries offer audio tours? | 5. Can I get a certificate for listening to a lecture? | 6. Are your reports “coffee table” compatible? | 7. What other Deeper Dives do you have planned?

After Hours

FAQs: 1. When does After Hours start? | 2. Does Bobby Angel have a tour bus? | 3. Who tends the fire at Campfire Park? | 4. What makes a book “rereadable?” | 5. Is the Nature Folk Movement (NFM) contagious? | 6. How do you write a campfire trilogy? | 7. Has a guitar ever hosted a podcast?


More Info: 1. About the blog | 2. About the newsletter | 2. About the author | 4. Frequently asked questions (FAQs)
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