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Extras up my sleeve
If communication is key, so is creativity

Extras is actually a misnomer:

Whether it’s a podcast, watersh-editorials, a photo gallery, a narrated movie, a coffee-table (or tea if you prefer) friendly report or a power-point presentation, the driving force is communication.

Hydrology, like life, is a ladder you climb up

I could feed you boring prose until the cows come home, and you can find generic text on a topic all across the web. The purpose of Go Hydrology is to cut through the red tape and bureaucratic babble to deliver fresh water cycle right to your doorstep.

Or in other words, I may not know everything about the water, but I was brought up by dedicated if also imperfect parents (and, to be honest my older brother probably reinforced the point, only possibly trumped by my first boss, a brick and block mason, who reiterated the fact: “Whatever you do in life, produce a product.

So yes, there are more tricks up my sleeve, all driven by the mission of being constructive. Ideas that come to mind: Maps, timelines and diagrams are on my short list.

Deeper Dives

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Deeper Reads
Reports that are coffee-table compatible

Many have asked:

You’re reports are so chock full of photos and diagrams, and pepper with prose that is easy to digest – can I print them out and display them on my coffee table?

Go Hydrology is coffee-table worthy


Absolutely! And actually, they were formatted and written with exactly that in mind. Long ago in a land far away, before I even stepped foot in the swamp, I attended a scientific conference on an important topic for the locale I was living at the time (Hint: It rhymes with Cape Cod). While the session went well enough, at its conclusion an epiphany struck:

Why present such an important topic to a group of professionals a half a world away when the local watershed is full of people that would be better served to hear the message. And why wait months (even years) to collate the information in with obtuse terms and hard-to-read jargon when speaking in plain language can reach a larger audience?

Many moons later a hydrologist that I very much respect said, “- Bob, your the people’s hydrologist.” And so be it. I’ll never publish in Hydrgeologica (or whatever the scientific journals are called), but I can get information out in a format that the local folks, both aquatic professionals and lay enthusiasts, can equally enjoy.

In summary: Yes ..

Please print out and put the report on your coffee-table, bookshelf, or wherever works best for you. Oh, and if you see a mistake, let me know. My reports are as much a milestone as a work in progress. My philosophy: Share early and often. We’re in this together and hopefully these reports help support our collective cause of keeping the conversation rolling.

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Training Certificates
How do I get credit for water courses?

Many have asked:

Am I eligible for an advanced degree (or equivalent certificate, even a plaque) upon completing a Go Hydrology lecture?

Never perfect, always interesting

Good news: The answer is yes.

And even better, it’s all based on the honor system.

Here at Go Hydrology we know that many people like to decorate their walls with commemorative plaques, framed photographs and other paraphernalia that touts who they are, what they’ve done and why they are so qualified. No such wall is complete without a hydrology certificate. Sure, you could go for a Master’s Degree, a professional license, or even get your Ph.D., but not matter how ornately framed any of those certificates, wouldn’t the wall always be a little bit bare without a Go Hydrology certificate tying it all together.

Frankly folks, you can’t be properly educated without updated and locally-relevant water cycle credentials. If you were previously accredited in a water cycle outside of your current watershed or in a different state, it complements but does not replace local water cycle credentials.

And that’s where Go Hydrology steps in to help.

Please print upon completing a lecture


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photo gallery

Talking photo galleries
Photos say more than a thousand words

Similar to your most prestigious art museums:

Go Hydrology offers audio tours of its photo galleries.


Patrons enjoying a photo in a gallery

And I know what you’re thinking: Doesn’t a photograph already tell a thousand words? And if so, why do you need accompanying audio?

That’s a very valid point, but one problem we detected early on is that people are getting sick and tired of looking at photos out of context without an explanation of what makes them stand out. And yes, we could type that out for each photo, but just like you can’t walk and chew gum at the same time (studies say most can’t) you can’t read a caption and look at a photograph at the same time. But here’s the catch: You can look at a photograph and listen to audio at the same time.

So yes, a picture tells a thousand words. And in the case of our photo galleries, they also speak.

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Major Movie Awards
It's just a matter of time (and production quality)

Many have asked:

Have your movies been nominated for any major motion picture awards?

product movies
Blogs are always better than the movies, or are they?

The answer is no, not yet. While almost all of the films are shot “on site” in some of the most scenic parts of the Big Cypress Swamp and Everglades that you’ll ever see, thus in my mind making them most eligible under the cinematography category – they have yet to curry any major critical buzz.

On a more positive note: Maybe that’s a good thing. Really, the purpose of the videos is to capture thoughts in motion – sometimes on the ground getting our feet wet and other times flying over the ecosystem in a helicopter – and get them out to the people as soon as possible.

Yes, that sometimes sacrifices quality, but the alternative (and usually situation) is that those video clips would never see the light of day. Most video clips are narrated, and I also add in some guitar in the background to improve their overall vibe.

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Newsletter Availability
Home-delivery water service

Many have asked:

Is the Weekly Wave Newsletter available at local news stands or the newspaper rack at my nearby grocery stores?

weekly wave banner

Top banner to the newsletter

Unfortunately, the answer is no, at least not yet. The good news is that if you sign up at Go Hydrology you can get the Weekly Wave Newsletter seamlessly and hassle-free delivered every week to your e-mail inbox. Even better: The newsletter is FREE!

Why sign up for the newsletter? We know how busy everyone is, on all aspects of their lives. But we also believe that staying on top of the water cycle is an enriching addition to the ebb and flow of everyone’s weekly work flow.

rereadable campfire

Actually, did I say work? The Weekly Wave Newsletter is short and sweet, and straight to the point. And it’s a light-hearted and fun quick read. Our only warning is not to read it while drinking water (or any beverage for that matter) as many have reported expelling said liquid through their nose onto the computer (or smart phone) screen. But in a good way because they are pleasantly surprised.

Oh, and one last great thing about the newsletter: If you don’t like it, you can easily unsubscribe. So, check it out and sign up while supplies still last!

Product wave

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Talking guitar?
About the host of Firelight Radio

Many have asked:

Why does a talking guitar host your podcast?

Firelight Radio is campfire inspired and guitar guarranteed

First, you can’t have a Nature Folk Movement (NFM) without a guitar at a campfire. So who not better to host Firelight Radio than a guitar? Really the idea of the podcast is to generate a laidback feel. You know, just discussing things in a conversational tone around a campfire. After several auditions – an electric guitar, a walrus and a piece of Tamiami Caprock also applied – we felt that an acoustic guitar would hit the right chord with listeners.

The only problem: Despite his name and shape, guitar doesn’t play guitar very well. All he can really do is strum. Fortunately he’s a pretty good conversationalist so we are pretty forgiving on the musical front.

Second, the Firelight Radio podcast isn’t just about the water. It’s programming spans widely across a range of topics relevant to the Nature Folk Movement (NFM). For example, Bobby Angel is a regular guest, as is the Cowboy at the Campfire, a phone-eating dinosaur named Dino, and others.

Some pods get post-produced into vods

Third, who doesn’t love a guitar by a campfire?

Our research indicated not many.

So there you have it, that’s why we have a guitar hosting our podcast. If that doesn’t make any sense, give it a listen and hopefully, eventually, you’ll also agree.

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