Beach full of dollars
And worth every penny

Florida is famous for its beaches …

And the economic bounty of dollars they bring.

Sand dollars as seen at Naples Beach

But the tourists come and go.

It’s the marine life in the coastal shallows that know it as home.

Here’s to hoping algal blooms and red tide stay away.

Guardians of the surf
Or did red tide do them in?

Usually walking into the water is easy enough.

Maybe a sharp shell or two to mind, or an occasional pointy-tailed ray.

Big crab

And it wasn’t just the crabs I could see that were cause for concern.

Many more were lurking, buried in the sand beneath.

Small crab

In addition to the brigade of crabs,

We also saw a lobster.

For me at this beach, that was a first. Unfortunately, the reason for them being their was red tide fueled anoxic conditions where they normally dwell.