End of the road?
Long walk off a short pier

Naples pier seems like a short enough walk:

Just a thousand feet more and it comes to an end.

Naples Pier is a historical landmark

But, in the time before roads, that’s where the journey just began.

The only way in and out of Naples was by boat.

That made Naples Pier more a beginning than an end.

Beach full of dollars
And worth every penny

Florida is famous for its beaches …

And the economic bounty of dollars they bring.

Sand dollars as seen at Naples Beach

But the tourists come and go.

It’s the marine life in the coastal shallows that know it as home.

Here’s to hoping algal blooms and red tide stay away.

Sky and gulf

The gulf stays calm as a lake …

As the summer sky comes to life up above.

Looking West

Making it even calmer still is all the tourists have left.

That makes for an empty beach.

Plus the fact the rain cleared them out.