Talking to plants
And how plants talk to you

This cypress dome may look dry …

But it’s showing water in two ways.

Soggy peat and dry water rings, south of the Alley

First, the peat is still soggy.

The water table was about a foot below the surface. That’s high enough for the peat to wick some moisture up, especially in the lowest spots. Also factoring in was a recent rain storm that wetted the peat top down.

Second are the high-water water rings around the fluted trunks. That’s the tree telling the water cycle how high it would like to be filled up. Word is the sky could start obliging in about a week (fingers crossed).

Before I left the dome I made sure I told the trees that.

flood and fire

Mosaic on mosaic
And how fire shapes it

The term swamp is a bit of a misnomer.

Mosaic is probably the better term.

Green within the black

It applies to both its maze of plant communities …

And the patchy pattern by which it burns.

Black within the green

And the variable nature of water …

In terms of both duration and depth.

So go flood and fire, so go the swamp … I mean mosaic!

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Daylight Savings effect
Cypress get an extra hour

Ever notice how shifting the clocks forward …

Mysteriously coincides with the cypress greening out?

The green-out actually takes about a month to unfold

There’s just something about having that extra hour of sun in the evening that does wonders for the cypress.

I call it the Daylight Savings effect.