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Deepest lake?
Or is it only pond worthy?

By most metrics,

Deep Lake should be called a pond.

Assorted views of Deep Lake

Considering that it’s only 300 feet across …

And its circumference is 300 feet less a quarter mile, that sounds more like a pond. But if you consider that its open pool is five times deeper than Lake Okeechobee’s 20-ft depth, and – here’s the icing on the cake – that it isn’t enclosed by a 35-ft tall levee, thus allowing its waters to naturally overflow into the swamp.

By definition, that sounds like a lake to me.

Monsoonally Mediterranean
Also known as a Tropical Savannah climate

How to best describe south Florida’s climate?

For that we need to look overseas.

Florida’s climate is a hybrid between India’s monsoons and the mild winters of the Mediterranean coast

During the summer, it’s downright monsoonal.

Hot and humid, we can count on showers most every day. And very powerful storms, too. When I first moved down to Florida, sometime told me about the summer monsoons. Technically, I would later learn – Florida doesn’t have monsoons. But still, during summer, if you had to pick a comparison point: The monsoons of India probably best describe its afternoon downpours.

During the winter, Mediterranean weather moves in.

Mild, little rain, and beautiful sunsets, the southwest coast of Florida fancies itself a newer version of the Italian coast. Architectural, Tuscan architecture is the rage. Although unlike Naples, Italy – the one thing you won’t see it it’s new world namesake is anyone hanging out their clothes to dry.

Naples, Italy is famous for hanging clothes out to dry

I often hear people complain

That Florida doesn’t have seasons.

My view is that its two seasons are continents apart!

strands and sloughs

As defined by Gator Hook

Gator hook is neither navigable …

Nor easy to walk across from bank to bank.

Gator Hook Strand, looking
upstream (northeast) towards
Loop Road

Or if you do,

Be prepared to get your feet wet.

And as you can guess by its name …

Gators abound.

Looking across Gator Hook Strand,
north, towards Tamiami Trail

Gator Hook Strand is one of several …

Major natural flow ways in the Big Cypress Swamp,

And much preferred to a swamp-stealing canal.

swamp dictionary

Winter, the verb
Not to be confused with the noun

People winter in Florida, as in the verb.

As for the noun, winter in Florida probably doesn’t exist.

Temperature history for Naples Florida
Calendar chart showing days
when the high temperature did not exceed
70, 60 and 50 degrees.

At least as a season:

Winter in Florida is measured in a handful of days scattered here and there across a four to five month span from November to March.

That is, assuming you count a day in that doesn’t break above 70° F as winter-worthy.

If you’re from Up North, you probably don’t.

But if you lived through a Florida summer, you definitely do!

swamp dictionary

Big Rain Days (BRDs)
The official definition to this highly precise term

The thing about Big Rain Days (BRDs):

We both can’t count on them, but depend on them at the same time.

Historical calendar chart
of Big Rain Days (BRDs)
from 1991 to present.

Take for example last January’s consecutive BRDs:

It rescued the swamp from a near certain spring drought.

A Big Rain Day (BRD) is any day
that all of south Florida averages
an inch or more of rain. 

South Florida usually receives five BRDs per year.

This year (like last year) we are stuck on a subpar three.

So goes BRDs, so goes the swamp.

Here’s to hoping we get a BRD soon!

swamp dictionary

True Florida Fall
Not to be confused with the calendar version

I know everyone’s excited about cold air about to move in.

But let’s put it in perspective, too.

Red bars indicated the five-day
forecast for Naples, Florida

Yes, it will be cooler (and delightfully crisp).

However, it will not meet the criteria for “official” Florida Fall.  For that to happen, nighttime low temperatures need to drop below 60° F for two consecutive nights in a row (source: Winsberg’s Florida Weather).  That’s when fall in Florida begins.

Nor will it meet the standard for an “official” Florida Winter Day.

For that to happen, daytime temperatures have to stay at 70° F or below.

Nonetheless, I’ll take the cool air!