definitions may vary

Deepest lake?
Or is it only pond worthy?

By most metrics,

Deep Lake should be called a pond.

Assorted views of Deep Lake

Considering that it’s only 300 feet across …

And its circumference is 300 feet less a quarter mile, that sounds more like a pond. But if you consider that its open pool is five times deeper than Lake Okeechobee’s 20-ft depth, and – here’s the icing on the cake – that it isn’t enclosed by a 35-ft tall levee, thus allowing its waters to naturally overflow into the swamp.

By definition, that sounds like a lake to me.

Highest, deepest, biggest

At over 2 miles above sea level,

Lake Titicaca is the highest lake in the world.

View of Lake Titicaca in Peru with the Andes Mountains in the background

Lake Baikal in Russia is the deepest.

It plummets about a mile down.

Oh, and you’d need 2.4 billion Lake Okeechobee sized ladles to fill up Lake Superior, although official the Caspian Sea is the world’s largest lake.

Headwater lake?

Yes, Lake Okeechobee holds more water …

But Lake Trafford is 5 feet higher.

Map of Deep Lake, Lake Trafford and Lake Okeechobee. Can you see Lake Istokpoga, too?

Don’t expect either one …

to overflow their banks any time soon.

Twin Hydrograph comparing lake stage for Okeechobee (left) and Trafford (right)

But prior to drainage, both spilled south: Lake Okeechobee into the Everglades and Lake Trafford into Camp Keais Strand and Corkscrew Swamp.