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Flying south
Loop around Loop Road

There’s always lots to see …

On a flight over Big Cypress Nat’l Preserve.

We flew clockwise around Loop Road

On this trip south of Tamiami Trail, we see a swamp mirror (reflecting the clouds), the Pinecrest Chain of Hammocks, Gum Slough, Loop Road, Sweetwater Strand and Gator Hook Strand and Trail.

Scenic loop

Recent road shoulder clearing …

Has made Loop Road more scenic than ever.

Looking west into Big Cypress Nat’l Preserve

All the winter water also adds a scenic touch. Bridges are still flowing at a healthy rate, unusual for this time of year.

Dead plants

Foam is most often …

The result of the natural die off of plants.

Brisk winter flows churn them into bubbles, as seen along Loop Road

When plants decompose, the natural oils are released and float the surface.

Unnormal November

Normally in November …

The water table starts to slowly inch down.

Hydrograph comparing this water year (blue) to the previous water year (red) and the normal water year (white).

This year it did a reverse course …

And jumped a half foot upward instead instead.

As for the “normal” year?

I’m not sure if such a thing exists, at least in south Florida.

Water overtopping Loop Road near Pinecrest

But then again that’s what makes the water cycle fun.