Bobby Angel Campfire

Ballad of a Florida Panther

Bobby Angel’s ballad of a Florida panther …

And the transportation engineer he teamed up with to fix a road.

Bobby Angel is a troubadour of the Nature Folk Movement (NFM)

Stay on after the song …

To hear Bobby Angel dish out the inside scoop on the making of his smash hit, including never before revealed details on his first sighting of (what he thought initially) was a “large dog,” why they used to be more rare than seeing Ivory-billed woodpeckers, the movie magic of he videos opening scene, and how the use of silhouettes make the video pop.

Bobby Angel

Pre-Drainage Song
As sung around the campfire

Bobby Angel brings down the house …

With his sprawling masterpiece on the destruction of the Everglades and the power of dreams to both haunt us and inspire a new way.

If you’re a history buff …

You’ll rejoice in the many references to the pre-drained Everglades, how it changed over time, and our quest with hydrologic restoration to get it right.

Bobby Angel may not have all the answers …

But boy can he sing a Nature Folk ballad!

Stuck Inside of Oasis
A belated farewell song to a Swamp Scholar

The plight of being a park ranger …

And being stuck in a visitor center.

The song as sung by Bobby Angel

Nobody knew that better than Ranger Rudi.

And nobody knew its history better either.

His secret?

A photographic memory and reading a lot didn’t hurt. But mostly it was his penchant for delving into deep conversations about with anyone he met.

The original lyric sheet (as sung at the Brass Tap)

History was never a closed book with Ranger Rudi.

You rarely saw the man without a book in hand, dog eared at various spots. His pursuit of history has been a life-long never ending quest.

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New Dawn (at last)

Just when we needed it most …

A new dawn is here at last.

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That doesn’t mean we’re out of the woods yet, but in our darkest hour a new dawn does provide rescue and hope that better times lay ahead. And most of all, that we simply survived to see the new day. We are fragile, imperfect if also all resilient souls. Some days, months – years – are better than others. Just making it to the next day – that new dawn – is sometimes both salve … and good enough.

Here’s to a new dawn for everyone and happy and healthy days ahead!