Bobby Angel Campfire

Ballad of a Florida Panther

Bobby Angel’s ballad of a Florida panther …

And the transportation engineer he teamed up with to fix a road.

Bobby Angel is a troubadour of the Nature Folk Movement (NFM)

Stay on after the song …

To hear Bobby Angel dish out the inside scoop on the making of his smash hit, including never before revealed details on his first sighting of (what he thought initially) was a “large dog,” why they used to be more rare than seeing Ivory-billed woodpeckers, the movie magic of he videos opening scene, and how the use of silhouettes make the video pop.

tidal waters

Four gulls at beach
And one big cloud

There was something about those four gulls in the distance, flapping their wings, flying overhead (and then like that they were gone,) that compelled me to take this photo before they were completely vanished out of view.

And, oh yeah …

Can you see the four gulls in the distance?

The cloud was pretty impressive, too!

Buddy system
It's called safety in numbers

Rule No. 1 to staying safe in the swamp?

Try not to venture out alone by yourself.

I heart lubbers


For one, four eyes are better than one.

And let’s face it,

Sometimes conditions deteriorate fast.

They’re just fun to hold

Next thing you know your sheltering in place.

The good news: We both made it!

Summer of ’87
And why it feels like just yesterday

It seems like just yesterday …

That the cicada brood emerged from the ground.

As seen in Maryland …

Or rather, make that two yesterday’s ago.

The last one I missed, back in 2004.

But rewind the clock another seventeen …

And I was still in high school: It was the summer of 1987.

In the Summer of 2021

I feel like a cicada in a way …

Leaving me to wonder, if any of the cicadas feel me?

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lubber grasshoppers

Lubber extremes
The making of a gentle giant

A few years back a visitor asked me …

What the giant black grasshoppers were called.

A baby lubber in a cypress dome

“That’s a baby lubber,” I responded.

“Come summer they quadrulple in size and turn yellow.”

An adult lubber on Loop Road

They look a little intimidating, but they are gentle giants.

They don’t bite and are fun to hold.

Swamp or glades gator?
And how to tell the difference

To the undiscerning eye …

This probably looks like a glades gator.

This gator survived the Moon Fish Wildfire from last May when conditions were considerably drier. How was that even possible? The marsh was wet enough (and the gator hole even deeper) to steer the blaze around it on both sides.

The dead giveaway is the open river of grass …

And the tree islands in distance (looking south).

And I’m not going to argue …

Because swamp gators typically make their home in a cypress strand or dome.

But technically this is a swamp gator because the photo was taken in the southeast corner of Big Cypress National Preserve. Although I wouldn’t rule out him having cousins on the glades sides of the dotted line.

Gator’s gift

Hope everyone got the present they wanted.

This gator looked particular happy.

Holiday sand sculpture 
at Clam Pass Beach

Although to be honest, when I took the photo,

At first all I saw was the gift.

Tricky gator!