Tale of Two Swamps

Simultaneously drenched and a drought
both at the same time –

Can it be possible?

The preserve-wide hydrograph (above) would lead you to believe we are somewhere right in the middle … with a wetting front lingering up in the upper heights of the marl prairies.

A closer look, however, reveals
this June to be a Tale of Two Swamps:

Gum Slough for example can’t get much wetter:

It’s waters have risen into the hydric pines high country (and plunged its central slough marshes almost knee deep) thanks to a drenching 10 inches of rain over the past two weeks. Click here to see.

Compare that to:

(1) Ten miles to the north where even the low lying pond apple swamps have gone dry: water barely hanging on only in the deepest dry season refugia pools.

(2) Or ten miles north farther is Mullet Slough, which is wet but still not flowing. (Sorry in advance for this video: upon review it did not convert very clearly into the web format.)

(3) Or thirty miles to the west, where lawns in Naples remain lush despite its local airport (APF) receiving less than an inch of June rain to date. (June is our rainiest month, with a long-term 10 inch average).

Naples’s secret of course is its miles upon miles of sprinklers: Water courtesy of the aquifer below …

The swamp can only count on what falls on it from above!

Click here to take a look at rainfall in your area.

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