Tending the campfire
Where visitors are always welcome

Welcome folks, to Campfire Park:

“Where the campfire’s always cracklin’ and visitors are always welcome.”

Greetings from the Cowboy at the Campfire

What exactly is Campfire Park?

It’s as much a place as it is a state of mind.

And it’s more than your typical campfire.

Not that we’re re-inventing the wheel, but given the state of modern times, we did have to tweak it a bit.

What’s our new spin?

Folks, I could go into all the complex theory and mathematical underpinnings, but I tend to favor the good old-fashioned approach — or in other words, let you judge for yourself.

Long-form campfire talk

Basically, our campfire talks are a series of short campfire-themed videos, separated from one another with — not “commercial breaks” — but “campfire breaks.”

In total, each campfire talk is about a 20-30 minutes.

Our goal:

To conjure the aura of the campfire right in the sanctuary of your own home, or wherever you happen to be.

Short-form campfire talk

So hunker down and enjoy.

And thanks for stopping by the campfire!

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