Texas Tundra

Back in 2011, Florida had an epic January cold snap.

One night was so cold that a thin veneer of ice formed in a canal the Everglades. (I took a picture to prove it.)

Wishing everyone well in the ephemeral Tundra of Texas. Warmer weather is on the way!

Compare that to the current cold snap in Texas.

Going back 30 years (to 1990), Dallas has experienced just 36 days in which daytime highs didn’t rise above the freezing point (i.e. 32° F). Or about one a year. This week’s polar plunge is giving it a week’s worth is almost as many days. And as for the number of nighttime lows since 1990 that dropped below 10° F?

Just two: Last night and the night before.

Now that’s a cold snap.

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