Thanks for all your comments:

(1) You right…

Thanks for all your comments:

(1) You right about Florida invoking a certain image in our national imagination. You know a Florida photograph when you see it. You can almost feel its warmth.

(2) I didn’t know that John. I hear the New England leaf change was spectacular this fall, and that was partly attributed to a wet spring and dry fall.

(3) You’re welcome Tanya. I enjoyed taking them.

(4) You’re right Tina: it’s our sea-breeze fed summer showers that are the bread and butter of our wet season.

(5) Joanne, I sat next to a native Vermonter on my plane ride home from Maryland to Naples. She timed the seasons perfect: staying up north through peak leaf season, then arriving down in south Florida just as the cypress needles are falling. It just goes to show, sometimes you can have the best of both worlds.

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