Thanks for stoping by. I might mention I LOVE Flor…

Thanks for stoping by. I might mention I LOVE Florida especially around the Homosassa area, and would like to be there right now! We’re having a blizzard up north here.
We live in a very important watershed area of French Creek, New York.French Creek, which could accurately be described as an old-growth river because of the low level of manmade disturbance it has seen, may hold the key to restoring rare populations of animals into other parts of the Upper Allegheny and Upper Ohio river systems.

Along its 117 miles, from western New York across northwestern Pennsylvania, the river is home to more than 28 freshwater mussel species, including 13 that are listed as endangered in Pennsylvania and the federally endangered northern riffleshell and clubshell. These two species are critically imperiled, having lost more than 95 percent of their historic range. Freshwater mussels are vulnerable to changes in their surroundings. But their beds in French Creek – still occupied by individuals of varying ages, some 60- to 70-years-old – may have gone largely undisturbed for thousands of years.
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