Thanks for you comments.

(1) That’s a good …

Thanks for you comments.

(1) That’s a good question. I’m not sure how deep the lime rock and phosphate mines are. I’ll have to check up on that.

(2) Yes Dani, Deep Lake is a sink hole … and one of the few of its kind sound of Lake Okeechobee. Sinkholes are most abundant in central and west central Florida.

The jury still seems to be out on when Deep Lake formed.

The US Geological Survey pulled a peat core from its bottom, and carbon dated its bottommost to around 5,000 years before present. That would make it about as old as the oldest sediments in the Everglades.

Does that mean that the sink hole formed around 5,000 years ago, and if so, what underlying processes lead to its formation, and why aren’t there more sinkholes of similar ilk in the area?

Those are questions I can’t answer off the top of my head, but I bet I could find a Florida geologist that could.

More on that later.

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