Thanks for you comments.

And Swampbuggy h…

Thanks for you comments.

And Swampbuggy hit the nail on the proverbial head: it used to be one giant interconnected system.

As for why the lack of cypress, I would have to check into that. I only got a glance at the Kissimmee Prairie, I’m sure there was a lot that missed my eye. That’s a good excuse for another field trip, and to dig deeper.

Interesting about the Saskatchewan, maybe we have to expand the phrase to “triplets.”

On the other hand, I have no doubts about there also being other places where the “mold was broke” after they were made: they are one of a kind.

As for my interest in hydrology, I come from a “numbers” background, with educational training in engineering and groundwater hydrology. But most of what I’ve learned really started after I got done with school. This journal is an extension of my education: I know just enough to be worth sharing, but feel I have so much more still to learn.

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