Thanks for you comments.

It’s true that the…

Thanks for you comments.

It’s true that the water cycle is all around us, we cannot escape it. Every time we turn on the tap, and taste the water that comes from it, its a reminder how much we depend on it.

As for the filtration systems, the characteristic of the water depends on its source, and in some cases that warrants softening and additional filtering to your liking. Those decisions always take lots of research, and lead one down unexpected paths.

Fortunately there’s a good network of experts out there. I recommend contacting some others in your community to see what they are doing, and trying to start a dialog with experts at the respective product companies or municipalities.

Here in Big Cypress, we do several types of monitoring, with a focus on water quality, water stage, and rainfall, although their are other agencies and groups performing additional hydrologic and aquatic monitoring.

The US Geological Survey for instance has been monitoring flows under Tamiami Trail since the early 1950s. That’s quite a long data set. The biggest chore, of course, is just staying on top of the data as it unfolds, to enhance our stewardship efforts of them.

I am not familiar with similar hydrologic journals for North Florida. Most of the other blogs that I am aware of are weather oriented, and don’t delve too deeply into landscape hydrology. Is there a specific river or water body are you interested in?

I’ll have to check out the book Bayou. Sounds like a compelling read if it’s registered in your mind for this long.

And finally, French Creek sounds like a fascinating corridor, and relatively untrammeled by the touch of civilization. It’s those areas we have to protect most of all.

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