Thanks for your comment:

(1) Mary, Little I…

Thanks for your comment:

(1) Mary, Little Italy is the best! We went there often during trips into the city when I was a child. My grandfathers both worked at the Harbor, one on the night shift and the other at Esskay meat factory.

(2) Your right Dani, it was a good change of scenery. But the best part was the steamed crabs: we went out one night and ate a table full. I was in 7th Heaven.

(3) Thanks Mary, there’s something about water in all our corners of the universe that makes them that much better. Water is essential in so many ways.

(4) I’ll have to check into that song, Meems. Now I’m curious. And I never thought about it that way, but you make a good point. I think we all have our own personal “Mudderlands” that tug and pull at us no matter how far or wide we travel.

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