Thanks for your comments.

(1) Dani, it’s a …

Thanks for your comments.

(1) Dani, it’s a good profession, and an important one: I’m honored to represent it to the best of my abilities. As a National Park Service hydrologist, I am repeatedly reminded to get out in the water and get my feet wet, as it is not a “dry” science. It’s always the change of pace that keeps it exciting.

(2) Deborah, yes, hydrology tends to be math heavy … at least my approach to it. I try to stay on top of those waters, but its easy to get lost in the rip current of rogue number conversions, and even get periodically sucked down into a “water data” vortex.

And yes, and by the way, seeing a green flash brings you luck on the third day … but first you have to see one, and also have it verified by a third party witness and stamped by a notary public. (Everything is so complicated these days!)

(3) Thanks Tootie … and yet another reason to be in the hydrology profession: water is naturally photogenic in all its forms!

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