Thanks for your comments.

(1) Lilly, you’re…

Thanks for your comments.

(1) Lilly, you’re either not from the United States or you are a scientist. Nobody else uses the Celcius scale. And good point about the “wind chill” factor: that can be the difference maker.

(2) Hi Tina, isn’t it so often how the observer flavors the observation with their own internal reference points. But absolutes also exist in the temperature world, for instance, as in baking a cake.

(3) Yes, good data needs to be turned like the topsoil to reap a good crop of observations. I’m not sure if that analogy holds up, but you know what I mean.

(4) Tatiana, would it be possible for you to send me a photo of a native melaleuca forest from Australia? That’s another example of their being no absolutes out there. Whether a plant is good or bad is a relative to where you find it.

(5) Hi Lisa, it’s funny to think that your seasons are reversed from ours: the earliest snows of the continental US come in November. But of course being down here on the southern tip of Florida, we don’t see any snow at all.

By the way, a long-time hydrologic colleague of ours, Ken Tarboton, who worked in south Florida for several years, and was much admired for his strong analytical skills and ability to work among the agencies, went off to work in New Zealand a few years back. Say hello to him from the Everglades if you see him.

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