Thanks for your comments.

(1) Thanks Teri, …

Thanks for your comments.

(1) Thanks Teri, the hydrology world is haunted with many ghosts: another would be the clouds. You can pass right through them … and they are white.

(2) Yes, Deborah, I agree. It’s always fun to learn something new. Or see something presented from a different perspective. I try to keep my discussions of hydrology topical that way.

(3) Hi Tina. You’re right: we’re really lucky to have the Philharmonic here in Naples. It’s a cultural hot spot for tuning into any number of the finer arts. Have I thought about teaching? I periodically give a lecture here and there, but usually I’m too immersed in the data to commit to a regular teaching venue. That does give me pause for thought, though.

(4) Thanks Mike, and likewise: your Nature Blog Network is an excellent service for us to tap into.

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