Thanks for your comments.

(1) Yes, it wasn’…

Thanks for your comments.

(1) Yes, it wasn’t exactly light fare, … but it’s theme naturally “flowed” from the last post. Sorry about the hydrology pun.

(2) Cat, I was introduced to that saying about 9 months ago, and upon hearing it, it took me about a half day to process its two separate origins, and when I did, I had a laugh out loud moment … so I thought to share. For the record, I do think it’s a great phrase: hopefully it will catch on like wildfire.

(3) Robin, I’m not a statistics whiz either, … that’s actually one of the subjects I wish I knew more about. (I think we all have those.) But like any line of work, you learn what you need to as the necessity arises, sometimes just a day or moment before in the nick of time. And what’s the saying about statistics that Mark Twain coined?

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