Thanks for your comments.

(1) You’re right …

Thanks for your comments.

(1) You’re right Tina, as much as I like the dry season, I’m ready for some more rain. And make no doubt, we still can have a big rain day or two even during the “dry season” … usually associated with a deep diving cold front from the continent.

(2) Uh oh … looks like we may have another ghost orchid searching tourist coming to town. They only bloom once a year, and you’ll definitely have to get your feet wet to see one. Bring your swamp shoes!

(3) It’s true, even the water cycle needed a bailout this year Auntie Belle!

(4) That’s a good observation Patricia. Every season has its up side.

(5) Great point: with winter comes snow bird season. The migratory pathways (our roads) become clogged as a result.

(6) Really nice to meet you J Trout. I’ll be checking out your online journal, and will be in touch. You’re right: It’s important to get the information out there in a way that is fun and informative and “raises the water level” on our dialog. A rising tide raises all boats.

(7) Thanks Deborah, I have to admit that sometimes I find myself momentarily trying to remember what month it is down here, so your “uni-seasonal” observation isn’t too far off the mark.

Florida is the land of eternal sunshine. Even during the summer wet season, the first half of the day, before it rains, is mostly sunshine.

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