Thanks for your comments.

Jim Snyder, a pla…

Thanks for your comments.

Jim Snyder, a plant ecologist with the US Geological Survey authors all posts under the label of “Native Plant Photos” in the journal.

To think that they are bear country, that gives me pause to think whenever I encounter big clump of them … and they do grow in dense clumps, virtually unpassable by foot in some areas.

As for the cypress: their knees serve two purposes, but is also a topic of lingering debate.

The first is structural. Cypress found in swamp soils tend to grow out laterally, and often in thin and structural deficient soils. The second, and often debated, is that the knees provide oxygen to the roots that otherwise hard to find in the oxygen starved peats.

That being said, I’ve been in cypress domes completely void of knees, and others located not to distant where knees are prolific. That may be a function of surface water depth and duration during early growing years, … but that is only a guess.

The swamp is a better place for these lingering mysteries. Let me ask around on that one and see if I can come up with more.

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