Thanks for your comments.

Jim Snyder, a pla…

Thanks for your comments.

Jim Snyder, a plant ecologist with the US Geological Survey, authors all the “Native Plant Photo” photo featured in the journal.

And I agree: his photos and descriptions add a “splash of color” and much needed change of pace to the water-centric focus of the journal.

Not to mention, now I have a better eye for the plants that I am seeing when I am out in the field getting my feet wet.

And Tina, you are 100 percent right: there’s a new saying that “conservation” is our new source of water, and efforts to “tap into it” do start at home.

And thinking more broadly, you give a nice reminder of how progressive Florida has been in managing its waters.

It was a transcendent moment in Florida history when its 5 water management districts were established.

Not every state has that.

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