Thanks for your comments.

This was a long p…

Thanks for your comments.

This was a long post, with lots of graph. I tried to organize it so that it was not too arduous a read, and let the graphs speak for themselves.

What we call “wet prairies” are a major piece of our wetland mosaic puzzle here in the Big Cypress. They are actually seasonal wetlands, with marl (not peat) soils. It’s that thin and nutrient poor strata (not quite a soil) that gives them their distinctive prairie feel.

(But I’m second guessing that now after I saw that “north of the Lake” Kissimmee Prairie State Preserve has prairies very similar in appearance to ours.)

Pines are a key part of that prairie mosaic mix: and they are exclusively slash pine. We do not have the long leaf like up in north Florida.

The story behind why and how parks were formed is interesting. The story is actually a little more complex than what I stated, but protecting freshwater inflows into the Park was definitely one of the top concerns on the list.

And it’s so true about the heat. Mostly blue skies and 70-80 degree highs for the next couple months. Not bad.

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