Thanks for your comments.

Tina: It’s funn…

Thanks for your comments.

Tina: It’s funny about the meteorologist not having to be right in the forecast. Give them credit, it’s a tough job and nothing is more complicated than the weather. I stay on the safe side of waiting for it to happen first, and then reporting on it.

Swampbuggy: Yes, on the watershed RCT, I update the rainfall data by basin. To answer your question, there are about 14 stations within the preserve, and many more around it. I track several of those stations as well, but don’t report on it in as much detail on the website because I don’t have the historical data as close to my fingertips. Basins are convenient tracking tools, but you are right that it’s also insightful to focus in as well.

Leora: One of the biggest challenges, and that I constantly struggle with, but enjoy doing, is translating the data into formats that are easier to read, and also informative. It is an art form of sorts. Thanks for noticing.

Lilly: Florida and Australia are both strongly influenced weather wise by the ENSO (El Nino) cycle. I need to read up on that more. Interesting to think your summer storms are now starting up.

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