Thanks for your comments:

(1) I was just up…

Thanks for your comments:

(1) I was just up along the Peace. I stopped in Arcadia and took a couple photos of where the US Geological Survey monitors flow there. And yes, it’s at a bridge. Many thanks for those coordinates. It sounds like a fascinating place hydrologically and geologically.

(2) Hi Shellmo. The photos of the covered bridge were taken in Maryland earlier this fall. It spans the Little Gunpowder Creek.

(3) That’s a great name Lilly, it shows the bridges are intimately tied to the history of the place.

(4) Thanks Deborah, it does give us pause for thought. I would vote for an “annual” day to get out and look at the creeks we cross, but it would probably cause major traffic jams and gridlock. Someday, whenever, as time allows, it is a good exercise to stop and and take a look at the creek … and watch and listen to it flow.

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