Thanks for your comments:

(1) Thanks Debora…

Thanks for your comments:

(1) Thanks Deborah, I’m glad you enjoyed it. I thought it would be a nice way to cap off the wet season.

(2) Norete, you’ve given me a great idea: there should be a “water cycle” amusement park in Florida, it’s a theme that lots of fun rides could be built around.

(3) Your right Teri, that’s what makes water such a precious resource out west. The University of Arizona in Tucson has one of the premiere hydrology departments in the world, in part because water is so scarce there. It’s where I earned my masters degree.

(4) That’s true Kahshe, a big part of the water experience is its sounds, whether from rain drops or water running through rapids.

(5) Hi Cicero, and many thanks. Weather is one of those things that unite us, and this is the time of the year where Canada and Florida are connected … in the form of blasts of arctic air from the Canadian Shield.

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