The case of the missing monsoons

When I first moved to Florida from up north …

Somebody warned me to watch out for the monsoons.

The above rain chart provides a comparison of monthly rainfall totals for Tucson, Arizona, Dehradun, India and Naples, Florida.  In Tucson, the summer storms are dubbed monsoons despite it only getting about 12 inches of rain per year.  Meanwhile, in Naples Florida a single month often exceeds Tucson’s annual rain total yet the summer rains are rather drably named wet season instead.

Fifteen years later, I’m still not sure if they meant the giant afternoon thunderstorms or were erroneously referring to hurricanes instead.  Not once on the local weather channel have I ever heard the meteorologist call any storm or season in Florida a monsoon.

Nor can I find the term monsoons in any of my Florida weather books.

Could it be that they simply do not exist?

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