The Edison estate is quite the botanical display. …

The Edison estate is quite the botanical display. Apparently he had friends around the world that sent various specimens his way and he endeavoured to grow anything that would adapt to the Ft. Myers ecology. His ficus is the largest example of that species I’ve EVER seen – it is huge! And surely you’ve seen the statue in downtown Ft. Myers depicting the three “great industrialists” of that era, Edison, Firestone, and Ford. Just south of that is the Koreshan Historic Community, an intersting, self-sufficient community of religious survivalists that bears examination. Edison worked with the Koreshans on several of their projects – I imagine there weren’t many people braving that area back before A/C.

As for the native strangler figs, Robert, I’d bet you know exactly where this one is located.(From the Coastal Tour of Florida 2009 – Lots of S. Florida nature photos.)

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