The end of the levee

The L-28 finally comes to an end …

About 14 miles north of the Tamiami Trail.

On the north side of the L-28 Tieback
a few hundred feet from its terminus,
looking west

It’s often thought of as part of the modern water management infrastructure,

In comparison, we tend to think of the Tamiami Trail as a piece of the swamp’s ancient past. But when you think about it, the levee and the Trail were not built that far apart.

On top of the L-28 Tieback
a one minute walk from its terminus

The Trail was finished in 1930.

The levee in the mid 1960s.

At the Miami-Dade and Collier County line,
also the approximate 9 ft contour line,
at the terminus of the L-28 Tieback
looking east

The only thing modern about the levee …

Is our renewed multi-agency effort the restore headwater flows the the swamp that, because of the levee, have been cut off.

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