The end of thermometers

Does night bring relief
from the Florida 90 º midday heat?

If you count on the Fahrenheit scale,

Then “yes” – about 15º worth.

(Night time lows hover around 75º F on most summer nights.)

As accurate as that thermometer may read, it couldn’t be more wrong: It’s on the needle of the psychrometer where the true answer lies –

It measures humidity.

Its needle jumps into the 90 percent range come sundown,

Keeping the air uncomfortably “sticky” and – as plotted on the heat index above –“very warm.”

That’s why if you venture out into the dark in Florida on a quiet summer eve, among the other things that you’ll hear is the low rumble of running air vapor being condensed.

Or in other words: Air conditioners.

We put the thermostat inside our house down to 75º F each night:

That’s the same temperature as the night-time low.

The only difference? – Humidity.

So, to answer the original question –

“Yes, night does bring relief from the Florida heat …
inside the house with the AC running.”

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