“The gator you don’t see”

There’s a saying in the swamp:

“The most dangerous gator is the one you don’t see.”

The gator you don’t see, “road-side canal” style

That’s especially the case for the ones that are habituated to humans in areas that are frequently fished or free handouts are used to attract them for closer viewing.

Please remember to never feed an alligator.

Not only is it dangerous for the person, it puts future visitors in jeopardy of an acclimated and more aggressive (and daring) alligator. But ultimately it’s the creature that suffers: Gators deemed a nuisance to human health and safety often end up being killed.

As for the real alligators you don’t see:

They are the ones far in the middle of the swamp far removed from the levees and canals. They don’t get acclimated to humans because they see them rarely if at all. Gator holes form a vital link deep water link to the shallow hydro-ecology of the Big Cypress Swamp and Everglades ecosystems that visitors looking at the animal from the edge of a canal don’t see.

The gator you don’t see, “deep in the swamp” style

Filling in canals where we can is vitally important.

It pushes the water and the gators back out where they should be: In the middle of the swamp away from roads and away from humans where the true danger lurks.

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