The pepper and Canal may have flip (positive) side…

The pepper and Canal may have flip (positive) sides. Although this brazillian pepper causes problems the threatened Fl Black Bear consumes huge quantities of the pepper berries/seeds helping the bears through the lean winter season in the Glades. This is evidenced by large amounts of the processed seed remnants in bear scat seen often by Gladesmen and others who venture from roadways deep into the recesses of the back country. I am speaking here of pie plate size piles 2 to 3 inches high left behind.
As for the Canal along the iconic and historic Tamiami Trail this too has positive aspects. The roadway itself has provided the only Southern route for many years between Florida's East and West coasts for early residents and Gladesmen as well as facilitating the movement of goods and produce within the region. The aquatic life inhabiting the Canal would be lost without it as well as the swamp birds (Cormorant, Egrets, Herons, Osperey and Eagles)that are dependent upon the aquatic life (fish, mollusks etc.)provided for them by the Canal during the unavoidable annual dry down Glades.
We always should be sure to check to see if the glass is half empty or full before allowing pessimism to creep into our thoughts.

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