The question that remains after assimilating all y…

The question that remains after assimilating all your information is did it rain more in WCA-3A than in the other areas that water depths are shown, how different were inflows and outflows to each of the different areas, and
finally which area displays the depth class distribution which could represent an ecological target both now and in the not so distant future given anticipated climate. If we can answer these questions then the managers just look at us and say we are not distilling it into a multi-purpose management framework.

So the answer to managers is simple. Rainfall was not the same, structural inflows were significantly different and if you want to ameliorate EAA flood discharges to WCA-2A and WCA-3A then you need to reduce EAA
discharges by acquiring 125,000 to 175,000 acres of agricultural lands, increase the size of EAA STA to 75,000 acres, and increase flows to WCA-3B and Northeast Shark Slough. But we know that the state and federal government are never going to do this so status quo.

Have a great holiday and don't forget to fly old glory.

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