“Thick as pea soup” season

Notice to Floridians:

A delay in the wet season doesn’t put the summer on hold.

June wet season rains were delayed,
But summer mosquitoes were in full force on this trail.

Only it’s not a trail, it’s the Turner River!

In fact the summer is off to a record hot start.

There’s well-worn national saying about summers in the south, but particularly Florida, that goes something like “it’s not the heat, but the humidity” that makes it such a loathsome and unbearable season. But in fact it’s the thick-as-pea-soup peninsular humidity (i.e., high dew point) and ample amounts of afternoon cloud cover of the wet season to keep the mercury thermometers in check …

Usually daytime highs stay in the low nineties along the gulf coast.

Click here to view Naples historic record,
Or here for a look at temperature charts across Florida.

The first week of June saw several days touch up at 97° F. Fortunately by now my blood has thinned and we do have air conditioning (although I spent a lot of time outside in the field trying to take advantage of getting work done while the swamp was so low,) so it didn’t feel that bad.

Far worse than the heat or the humidity are the mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes are as thick as pea soup
as the water is as green as pea soup

In places they are thicker than pea soup …

And a sure sign that summer is here (no matter how little rain.)

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