This is real live Everglades ice, and I have third…

This is real live Everglades ice, and I have third person witnesses should I be convened at any meteorologic court!

It's interesting that you mention that, howevever, because the cup of ice I left out on the front porch didn't freeze, but a stream of water that ran down the back screen did.

I also grabbed a big chunk of ice from a pool of water that formed over plastic sheeting used to cover a flower bed. (I have a video tape of that one).

The Everglades ice was actually about a mile down the road from my office, which is about 5 miles north of Everglades City. It's a deep section of canal, and thermally stratified at the bottom (which is where the manatees hang out). The ice shown at the south edge of the canal was blown there as a result of the north wind.

I found my ice in the end but I had to search for it!

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