Those winter days
And why we love to count them

Typically a three-month season,

In south Florida winter is counted in “days.”

Total days of winter in Naples, Florida (1970-present)

And by winter, I’m not talking snow, or even freezing temperatures for the reason if we used either as a metric winter wouldn’t exist in south Florida. Period, end of the story. But the truth is there are cooler days in south Florida that requires a scarf, a hat and sometimes even, if not a sweater — long sleeves — and possibly even long pants. Those are the days that daytime highs don’t rise above 70° F. By my count, and using air temperature data collected in Naples Florida as a guide, we had 11 such days. The long-term average is 18. The highest in recent memory was almost fifty (almost two months worth) in the winter of 2009. Could we still get another winter day? The odds are low for that, but what I can say is that fronts still break through in April. And that’s no joke.

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