Through the looking palm

Who doesn’t love the holidays?

And isn’t it true we all greet them with a different approach?

Can you see the multi-colored lights?

Some people are uncontainably joyful while others look within and close the gate, some people get merrily lost down the secular side streets of distraction while others feel a well spring of spirituality and rejoice, others can’t count down the days fast enough while others are drawn back incessantly (and hopelessly inescapably) into a remembered past, some people double down on their importance while other people try to play it down as just another day, some people surround themselves in song and conversation while others get lost in the silence while staring at the multi-colored strands of twinkling light.

I’m not saying I’m any of those people,

But maybe I’m all those people at once.

Merry holiday season to all!

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