Time out of mind

I’m not sure if I am forgetful, or remember too much.

As a hydrologist, I never have to be reminded to look deep into the data – otherwise I know I will forget, but if I look too deep (and for too long) into those ancient data streams, I run the risk of missing out on what’s unfolding right in front of me, outside my window, on the event horizon as it occurs.

On occasion, that leaves me both unable to keep up and struggling to recall.

The result?

It’s the most dreaded space of all.

A variant of being “lost in time,” but only more rudderless in nature, with a fog-obscured retrace into the past and a future destination no longer known: it’s the peculiar state of cognitive disengagement we call “time out of mind.”  

I’m happy to report (in good cheer) that it is the exception.

Most of the time, for me, the problem is just the opposite – – a mind out of time.

It seems these days I can never quite find enough of it, (at least on this side of the event horizon).

As a hydrologist, that’s what keeps me waking up and coming back for more. Now if the Florida water cycle would only do its part … and slow down!

First two photos were taken during the early fall peak-water season. The last was taken in December two months into the dry season.

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