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Easy Trivia

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Are you water cycle aware? Test you water knowledge and sharpen you water saw in the process.

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The blog that started it all. Stay up to date with the latest water cycle.

Weekly Flyer

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The weekly wave delivers home-delivered water cycle straight to your inbox.

Heavy Data Lifting


Do you have trouble reading a hydrograph? No worries. We have you covered in this easy to read manual.


Go Hydrology got its start with artisanal hydrographs. Here’s an archive of some of our favorite.



Forget about the complicated computer models. Sometimes our handy-dandy swampulator is all we need.



Sketches are the window into a hydrologist’s soul. And yes, that sometimes means pencil and paper.


You can’t understand the water without looking at maps. And not just GIS. All good maps are an artform.


How much data can you cram on one page. Cheatsheets test the limit and expand your mind.

Lighter Side of Water


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Join podcast host Guitar (yes, that’s right — a talking guitar) at Firelight Radio where he hosts quality conversations on water and other nature topics.


swamp dictionary

The swamp dictionary is where we explain terms in a fun and illustrative way.


Watersh-editorials is where we stand up at the podium to clear up a misconception or get something right.

water speeches


bobby angel

You can’t understand the water without talking lots of photos, and telling the story behind the camera.


product movies

Lights, camera, water! These movies won’t be winning an Oscar anytime soon, but they are narrated and do feature some pretty fine guitar strumming.


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This narrated Power Point series is a great way to find out more about the water.


Browse our bookshelf to find a good water read. It’s a good way to sharpen your water saw.


Sit in on a hydrology lesson brought to you by Bob, i.e. you won’t find this in the university.

Water Categories

Water Cycle

The water cycle is an underutilized yet powerful gateway and passport for getting in touch with nature.


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Climate is the new weather and weather is the new spectator sport.



As fun as weather can be, it isn’t until water hits the ground that it really gets interesting

Water Control

Who controls the water? At this point, its a combination between nature and humans. Our goal: To get the water right.

Water Table

water table

The water rises and the water falls, so what? Our goal: To describe the water table in all its forms.


Watersheds of south Florida

Think of watersheds as giant outdoor stadiums where we root for our water team!

Cultural Waters

cultural waters

More than a just any old liquid and way more than just a science, water strikes at the heart of us culturally.

Tidal Waters


Do all rivers flow to the seas and are all tidal waters salty? And what side of the fence is brackish water on?

Paper Water

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Water is wet, right? Think again. And I’m not talking a drought. I’m talking about the flood better known as paper water.

Water Seasons

Major Cycles

The water cycle is an underutilized yet powerful gateway and passport for getting in touch with nature.

Wet Season

wet season

It may look sunny all morning, and then comes the afternoon rains. Welcome to Florida’s summer half.

Dry Season

dry season

Count on lots of sun and then more sun during Florida’s dry half, and some cooler days, too.



It doesn’t usually snow in Florida. That doesn’t mean we don’t have a winter.


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Climate is the new weather and weather is the new spectator sport.



Florida has endless beaches and an endless summer.



Probably Florida’s most eagerly anticipated season. But when does it start?



What’s a hydrologic holiday? It’s the inside water scoop of our major holiday milestones.

Temperature Check

temperature check

An insiders’ guide to the thermometer.

#Trending Water


Usually we think of facts and science, but mysteries abound in the swamp. Here’s a few.


Nothing resonates more than our own personal experiences with water, starting in our youth.


Long gone and often forget, we remember what it was like a generation or three ago.


Timelines help unravel the past and bring it up to date with the present, and make you think: what’s next?


All watersheds have their rules. Here’s a few of the more notable for the swamp.


The swamp is greatly misunderstood, and full of myths, some of which are flat out wrong and others partially correct.

After Hours

Bobby Angel

bobby angel

Join swamp legend Bobby Angel as he helps restore our waters one song and one campfire concert at a time.

Crackling Log

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At night, long after Water Drop goes to sleep, the crackling log continues to type.

Campfire Talks

Water never sleeps, nor do water enthusiasts, at least not at first. That’s when we gather around the campfire to talk water.

Campfire Trilogy

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The Centennial Campfire Trilogy celebrates the 100th birthday of the National Park Service, as inspired from a series of campfire talks by the co-authors.

Before Phones

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To you remember the geologic epic called Before Phones? Join us as we interview fellow dinosaurs in an effort to understand the era better.


Hand in hand with getting back in touch with nature is rediscovering the joys of paper and pen.