Before and after

If seeing is believing, seeing a good before and after photo side by side opens your eyes even more, and often in ways you didn’t expect. The funnest part is knowing they are the same spot. | Water Writings | Easy Trivia | Watersh-editorials | Dictionary | Bookshelf | aquatic-quandaries | Swamp rules | Tales of the water cycle | Ghosts of watersheds past | Watershed myths | Before and after | Speaking Water | Measuring Water | Fireside Water

Sunny Florida?

What looks like a perfectly sunny day …

Can quickly change to rain in south Florida.

Another sunny day in town,
Looking West

A moment later
Looking East

Although its hard to tell when and if they may strike.

What had been constant rumbling …

Seems to be drifting North.

strands and sloughs

“City and country” wet season
Can you guess where you get your feet wetter?

In town,

Canals might look a little higher …

Gator hole before (bottom)
and after (top) recent rains

But otherwise the ground is still dry.

Compare that to out in the swamp.

Water is starting to spread out far and wide.

Strands and domes are the first places to fill up.

Pond apple forest before (bottom)
and after (top) the recent rains.

The water table in this spot rose 5 feet in the past month.